Why should I speak at your event? One word - Inspiration. That’s my specialty.

I make everyone want to be an engineer - kids, college students, and even engineers!

If you are a college campus - I will inspire your students with examples of engineers who found amazing jobs perfectly suited to them. (But I’ll also give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on how they got there too.)  There is life after problem sets - and it’s an exciting one -  but the first thing you need to engineer, is your own career!

If you are organizing a community science event - I will give you the most energy you’ve ever imagined from an engineer on stage with a powerpoint. I talk about how I became an engineer, how I got into television, and how I have other hobbies too! (Life exists beyond math and science.) I also speak about potential jobs for scientists and engineers, and I let the audience brainstorm their own solutions to some of the toughest challenges we faced on Smash Lab.  (And - yes - there is plenty of adrenaline packed footage to feast their eyes on!)


If you are a corporate client - I will promote creativity within your technology sectors, and I will challenge everyone’s stereotypes of engineers - that you may not even know you have! And let’s be honest, just because you have an engineering degree, doesn’t mean you have to work as one. It’s important to foster an environment that people WANT to work at. As engineers, we like to be challenged, we like a little acknowledgement now and again, and we also like to have fun. So let’s turn that “end of the year morale event” into a rockin’ party. I’ll kick things off with an inspiring talk, filled with action packed TV excitement. (Allowing me to shake my booty on the dance floor, is optional. )


Prior to becoming a TV host, I traveled extensively with my previous company to engineering trade shows around the world - speaking in depth about the technical advantages of our software. I am NOT a “booth babe”, but if you need an upbeat presenter for your trade show or home show - who also knows her stuff - then I’m your woman!


I can also emcee your event. Plain and Simple.

Past Clients Include:

    Penn State Berks

    Northern Arizona University

    Washington University in St. Louis

    Technology Alliance of Central New York

    University of Illinois - Engineering Open House

    Bridgewater College

    Colorado School of Mines

    Bakersfield College

    Maccomb Community College

    Corning Corporation

    Raytheon Corporation

    Lemelson Foundation

    Odyssey of the Mind

    STAR Education

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please contact:


Or if you have general questions about my talks, please contact me at:


TACNY said:

"Deanne delivered everything we hoped for, speaking to about a thousand people during her Syracuse visit. Smart, engaging, and funny, Deanne proved to be an excellent role model, especially for girls who think they must choose between being "pretty and popular" or "smart and nerdy." Deanne proves you can be both! The Technology Alliance of Central New York looks forward to the next time we can bring Deanne back to town to further influence the next generation of engineers and technologists."

-H. Hollander, Technology Alliance of Central New York

Bakersfield College said:


Both houses, actually… your adaptability in style of presentation while remaining true to your personality was skillful at both the Sci Fair venue with the younger kids and at BC with the college students.  Numerous people commented on how great you were and appreciated the ability to show the “light at the end of the tunnel” for science education. Little kids, their parents, teachers, Science Fair board members, BC professors, college students… all loved the energy, enthusiasm and message you brought to Bakersfield.”

- R. Goldberg, STEM Program Manager